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Thriving In The Fish Bowl

The Personal Journeys of Minister's Mates



Thriving In The Fish Bowl

The Personal Journeys of Ministers' Mates

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God created the ministers’ mates the same as His other children. However, He set the mate apart for a higher position and assignments.


Ministers’ mates often suffer from fear. Others wonder how to face another day. In addition, with the privileged position comes the challenge of learning how to handle loneliness, balancing family and ministry, dealing with private pain publicly, and coping with unrealistic expectations. The mate has to balance these demands alone while the congregation gawks to determine how well they are accomplished.


With the challenges of Ministers’ mates in mind, godly gifted ladies share their hearts through the written word. These stories cover different topics: personal discipline, feelings of inadequacy, facing unwelcome or unexpected changes in ministry, but also the joys of this chosen position. This anthology was written for mates and others to understand the life of thriving in a proverbial fishbowl.

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